Yaffs in action

Android phones were early adopters of Yaffs, providing a huge international test-bed, increasing exposure and confidence in the robustness of Yaffs. In turn, this attracted many customers who particularly value robustness, and now Yaffs is used in many high-reliability areas such as aerospace and critical infrastructure.

It wouldn't be surprising if Yaffs hadn't already been part of your day today...

Making a cup of coffee? Yaffs is used in the process controllers that pump and refine the water and the electricity or gas used to heat the water.

Using the internet? Many of the routers and other equipment use Yaffs. If they stopped working you'd probably not be reading this page.

Used a phone? Well some phones use Yaffs. Yaffs is also used in cell towers, telephone exchanges, video phones, video codecs,... Without Yaffs you wouldn't even get a dial tone.

Flying somewhere? Yaffs is used in planes: both pilot information systems and cabin systems. It is also used in point of sale equipment and public information systems (eg. passenger information systems).

Watching a movie on TV? Well first off, Yaffs is used in the movie production equipment (cameras and monitors) as well as synthesizers and digital musical instruments used to make the soundtrack. Yaffs is used in TV broadcast equipment and set top boxes that get the movie to your TV, then lastly, Yaffs is used in some TVs or sound systems.

Driving on a road? Lots of data was needed to build that road and Yaffs gets involved all the way. Yaffs is used in the GPSs, laser scanners and total stations (modern day theodolites) used to gather the data. This data then goes back to the office for design, then gets sent back out to automated Yaffs-powered construction equipment (laser and GPS guided graders, pavers etc) to make accurately built roads which are safer and last longer.

It's used in keeping you safe: in building security and in building monitoring; in food security and safety systems; and, in the provision of the emergency services. People and companies trust Yaffs to be reliable.