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Yaffs Licence SampleWhile the Yaffs code is available free of charge under GNU General Public Licence, version 2, that entails the obligation to disclose Source Code for your application using Yaffs. An Aleph One Licence does not impose that obligation and so is attractive for proprietary projects. This sample Licence provides an example of the points we expect a Licence to cover.
Yaffs Overview

YAFFS is a filesystem designed specifically for the characteristics of NAND flash. This page gives an overview of the project - what is available, how it works, how to use it, developer resources, and licensing options.

Yaffs Licence FAQs

Some questions about the commercial licence for Yaffs and how we arrive at one.


Common questions about Yaffs technical issues.

Licences - more background and detail

More on the details and background of Licences for Yaffs

Considerations in Choosing a Flash File SystemFailures in an embedded File System in a product are much more serious to the user than failures in an office computer.  Power failures and failures to cache data properly can be avoided by choosing a FFS specifically designed for reliability from the ground up. ConsiderationsInChoosingAFlashFileSystem.pdf128.3 KB
Using Yaffs with VxWorks or other RTOSs

Yaffs is provided under two licences, GPLv2 and Commercial. The GPLv2 licence lets you use Yaffs freely but places you under an obligation to release your source code and OS code to your customers. Where this is not possible or you wish to avoid disclosing your source, then a Commercial Licence is needed to distribute your software which uses Yaffs. This note discusses this situation further.