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How Yaffs worksThis document gives an explanation of most of the core mechanisms that make Yaffs work. As of the time of writing this, the Yaffs2 code base includes approximately 19,000 lines of code making a very detailed discussion impractical. This document is the starting point for understanding Yaffs. Further detailed questions and discussions are welcomed on the Yaffs discussion list. HowYaffsWorks.pdf393.08 KB
Yaffs Tuning

This document describes the parameters which can be modified by the developer in the different phases of applying, debugging, and routine use of Yaffs.

YaffsTuning.pdf91.47 KB
Yaffs Direct Interface

This describes the Yaffs Direct Interface (YDI), which allows Yaffs to be simply integrated with embedded systems, with or without an RTOS.


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Yaffs for VxWorks

The purpose of this document is to describe the Yaffs-on-VxWorks wrapper and provide sufficient information to port Yaffs to the VxWorks BSP. It assumes a working knowledge of VxWorks.

It does not describe the inner workings of Yaffs, and study of other Yaffs documents is recommended. Documents shown below in Italics will be found at . . .

The source and the definitive version of this document can be found in our git repository, together with other Yaffs documents.

Test Yaffs under Linux using Virtualbox and Vagrant

You can use this Vagrant box to test Yaffs.