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Yaffs belongs to Aleph One Limited. It is available under two licences:

  • The GPL Version 2 (GNU Public Licence, Version 2). You can try it for free under this licence, and you can use Yaffs in GPL licensed software. 
  • A proprietary, commercial licence from Aleph One Limited, for use with proprietary, or closed-source software. These licences are non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free and paid for with a single fee for one product.

Yaffs functionality is the same under both licences, and both licences are royalty-free, but the terms of the GPL place significant obligations on all who use Yaffs under GPL. Please be certain to understand these legal obligations before distributing any software together with Yaffs.

Download options

We use Git to manage our software development.

  • To browse or download code, access our Git repository over the web. This is also the best option if you are behind a firewall that does not allow direct Git access.
  • To get a tarball of the top of the tree, just click 'snapshot' for the release that you want, or to quickly obtain a snapshot of the top of the tree you can use this URL.
  • Clone Yaffs using:
git clone git://
  • If you are a registered developer with a server account you can get read/write access using:
git clone ssh://


If you have any questions, or would like to buy a commercial licence, please contact us either at +44 (0)1223 811679 or email  or see our Contacts page:-