Commercial Licences

Aleph One, as owners of Yaffs, sell commercial Licences for the use of Yaffs which do NOT carry the obligations of GPL. (Under the GPL, if you distribute your product with Yaffs, you are required to licence your product under the GPL and make available the full source code for a small charge.)

Commercial Yaffs licences are non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free and paid for with a single fee for one product. A commercial Licence entitles you to most further development and improvement of the Yaffs code.

Contributing modifications of Yaffs code to the mainline code does not alter its Licence status.The base price for a Licence for a single Product is GB£10,000. Sterling.

You can find further information about Licences in these documents:

If you have any questions, or would like to buy a commercial licence, please contact us either at +44 (0)1223 811679 or email  or see our Contacts page:-