Yaffs Licence Sample

1. Definitions:

ALEPH ONE LIMITED - An English company, Registered Number 1017960, of The Old Courthouse, 123 High Street, Bottisham, Cambridge CB25 9BA UK.

SOURCE CODE - Code owned by Aleph One Ltd and supplied under this Licence

BINARY CODE - Code which has been compiled from SOURCE CODE

LICENCE-HOLDER - The firm represented by the person who signs this Agreement. Each Licence bears the Name and Address of a particular LICENCE HOLDER.


PRODUCT will be defined precisely at the time of negotiation of the sale of the Licence. See section 3 for the principles used in defining PRODUCT

2. The Licence:

Allows the LICENCE-HOLDER to use Aleph One's software to create the File System, FS and incorporate the FS in the defined Products.

Entitles the LICENCE-HOLDER to distribute BINARY CODE compiled from the SOURCE CODE provided.

Does not entail any obligation to reveal the BINARY CODE.

Prohibits the LICENCE-HOLDER from releasing the SOURCE CODE to other parties, except to the extent necessary to permit sub-contractors to work with the LICENCE-HOLDER on a project using the code. The LICENCE-HOLDER is responsible for ensuring compliance with all the terms of this Licence by any sub-contractor used.

Is only available in a non-exclusive form.

Is applicable worldwide.

Has no time limit or per-unit royalty, but a fixed price paid upon signature of the Licence Agreement.  From 1 August 2012 the base price (for one Product) is GB£10,000. Sterling

Applies to use of the FS for one PRODUCT rather than to a company/user/person. It cannot be transferred to another PRODUCT.

Provides the SOURCE CODE and any derived FILESYSTEMS without any warranty but >AS IS< save that (to the best of Aleph One's knowledge) the use of the SOURCE CODE does not infringe the intellectual propert rights of any third party.

3. Supporting information and Terms relating to use:

This Licence supplies:

Free access to all documentation written for YAFFS by Aleph One, at http://www.yaffs.net

Certain pieces of software, with different Licences attached to them:-

SOURCE CODE for YAFFS/direct and Bootloader, being the subject of this Licence agreement, for incorporation in a PRODUCT.

YAFFS Development Tools; images created with the tools may be incorporated into a product. The images are not affected by the licence status of the tools.  When these Tool files are supplied in the tarball we send, they will appear with a header saying they are used under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2.  That term applies only to the Tools; the other files in the tarball will have headers making clear they are used under a paid Licence from Aleph One Ltd.

Source code modifications and enhancements made by the LICENCE-HOLDER remain the property of LICENCE-HOLDER, but may not be redistributed or sold to third parties by LICENCE-HOLDER without the consent of Aleph One.


A Yaffs Licence Agreement requires the definition of the Product to which it applies.  We do this with a brief description of its purpose, and the hardware in terms of the type or family of chips used as CPU or MCU, and any internal Code Name or Product name or SKU that LICENCE-HOLDER uses for it.
Later changes to the PCB which are evolutionary do not create a fresh Product, nor do changes in the size or speed of those chips or of the I/O technology.

Discussion with Aleph One about licensing further Products is required where LICENCE-HOLDER does any of the following:-

  • Uses a new PCB or key CPU or MCU, or
  • Sells chip designs and no hardware, or
  • Sells a Development Board with SDK to customers who will integrate Yaffs into their Products, or
  • Changes in the brand name or badge are made, or
  • Passes rights to the Product pass to a new owner.

Following payment for the Licence Aleph One will provide a tarball with file headers showing that the code is being used by the LICENCE-HOLDER under a paid Licence from Aleph One.

  • Version 25 - May 2019