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Yaffs 2 Specification

The initial specification for Yaffs version 2. Describes the development of Yaffs to deal with next-generation NAND chips which have larger (2Kb) pages and don't allow page rewrites. This newer design is be significantly faster (write: 1.5x-5x, delete: 4x, garbage collection: 2x) and has 25-50% lower RAM footfrint.

The Internal History of YAFFSA brief look into the history of YAFFS through a look at the the internals.
Comparison between Yaffs (Yaffs2) and JFFS2If you are trying to decide between Yaffs and JFFS2 then this note will give you an idea of the relative advantages of each.
YAFFS Robustness and Testing

This document describes some of the important design criteria and design features used to achieve a robust design suitable for modern embedded systems which need to store critical data.  The test methodologies are also described.

YaffsRobustnessAndTesting.pdf140.05 KB
Running Yaffs Direct Tests

This provides a outline to the various tests that are incorporated into Yaffs Direct. Most of these tests were written as debug tools to test error response by various Yaffs functions. These and others can be used to check if Yaffs is working properly.

YaffsDirectTests.pdf52.2 KB
Yaffs NAND flash failure mitigationNAND flash is one of very few types of electronic device which are knowingly shipped with errors and are expected to generate further errors without causing system failure. This document describes the most important failure modes and how they may be addressed in software. YaffsNandFailureMitigation.pdf229.6 KB