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Yaffs Original SpecificationThe initial specification for Yaffs. Circa 2002. Details of the filing system, including short backgrounder. Read this if you want to know what it is, what it does and how it works. This specification does not cover Yaffs2.
Yaffs (Yaffs1) Development Notes

Notes on how to use Yaffs (Yaffs1) and some details of the internal structures - useful if you want to mess with the code. This document is included in the Yaffs1 download.

HOWTO incorporate YAFFS in LinuxSimple HOWTO for getting started with YAFFS and using it as a root filesystem. If you just want the quick start info - read this.
JFFS2 and NAND studyDiscussion of the characteristics of NAND and NOR flash and how those interact with JFFS2 to produce significant boot-time delays and high RAM consumption, especially with large flash chips.
State of NAND MTD driver at start of project

Details of Dec 2001 state of nand driver, and overview of how drivers fit together for use with different hardware and filesystems. Not really intended for public consumption, but a useful backgrounder and explanation of the evolution of YAFFS.

Yaffs History

A chronology and list of milestones in Yaffs development.

FUEL Embedded Database for use with YAFFS

YAFFS and the new FUEL Database from ITTIA work together. ITTIA has released the first beta of an all-new database for mobile and embedded systems. 

Paper investigating a log management & crash recovery mechanism

This provides a link to a PDF of a paper by Taiwanese scholars.

Yaffs Talk - PDF of slides from CELF, 2007

Attached is a PDF with slides from the Yaffs talk at CELF's Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2007. If you are able to view Ogg Theora video files, the talk is also online. Ogg Theora is a Free video format. Free players are available for all platforms. See the list here. If in doubt, VLC is probably available for your operating system.

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